Millions have little influence on holidays

in Casino News

When you win a big jackpot or get lucky on a online slotmachine you can win millions. These million could ofcourse change your life. After some research the holiday behaviour doesn’t change that much. After winning millions in the Dutch Lotto jackpot 83% the winners went on a destination they already have been. A familiar surrounding and friend and family are more important then the destination.

78% of the interviewed people said to stay in Europe this summer. Countries like Spain, France, Portugal, italy and Greece are the main attractions for the Dutch. And if you think they would extend there holiday…. no way. 89% of the winner didn’t extend there holiday. Most heard explination is that they just dont have more holiday days.

ALso some changes have been noticed with the winners. 39% of the winners say the enjoy more holidays and more weekends away. They have more money and so want to enjoy their time and money. Also the trips got a bit more expensive because of more expensive flights and going for dinner more often. Also the rooms get a upgrade.